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During the Covid-19 pandemic, Virtus Tech performs remote support for turned off desktops

Evo Systems technology serves machines inside or outside the corporate network, even with blue screen, no operating system or turned off



The Virtus Tech Solution provides agility, security and efficiency in IT routines, without interrupting day-to-day operations. In times of a pandemic, all support and systems update needs are carried out without personal contact or access to customer facilities. The solution's innovation follows the strictest security standards and accesses machines that are turned off or with a blue screen, even without an operating system. 


Create a service with technology to access IT environments or environments with large volumes of machines, without the need to interrupt the operation or at alternative times (night and weekend) that require services such as; operating system reinstallation, bios update, updates or patches, to avoid viruses, common routines in everyday life, mainly in bank branches. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Virtus Tech solution has been one of the most useful and innovative applications on the market. The Evo Systems team, with full access to the platform, has provided services to all customers on a daily basis, without the need to travel to the customer or to Evo Systems' own headquarters, since the entire technical team accesses Virtus Tech from the home office for service, problem solving and prevention.

Virtus Tech in the press


THE  The solution was widely publicized in the press with special emphasis during the COVID-19 pandemic, making it an extremely necessary and relevant service for companies from different segments.

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The Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to numerous problems and a general change in the way people work and in people's daily lives, displaced thousands of employees to the home office work regime. In companies, computers and servers are left, which, even when turned off, need maintenance, updating and, in the case of banks, continuous monitoring.

During quarantine periods when it is not possible to access an environment or maintain physical contact, reinstall a machine, update bios, updates or patches, to avoid viruses, common routines in the day to day of bank agencies, for example, are situations that can be a huge headache for managers. Evo Systems, an innovation consulting company, created Virtus Tech, a solution approved on Intel's VPro platform, capable of providing remote support for thousands of machines even when they are inoperative, turned off or with a blue screen. “At a distance and without worry, we were able to carry out maintenance or support for the employee's computer”, explains Leonardo Dias, managing partner of Evo Systems.


Evo Systems' own team, working from a home office, accesses the company's computers from their personal notebooks from Virtus Tech and performs service to several customers, without human interference. The solution automates the process and helps technicians not travel to the company.  

Virtus Tech is marketed in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, it also allows the rollout of new versions of the Operating System, hardware inventory of stations even when turned off, diagnosis and correction of station failures, remote access via the browser, scheduling of operational updates and business processes, critical and preventive alarms to users/controllers, generation of control and management reports, in addition to continuous monitoring.

Developed for operation in geographically distributed environments, the solution has a friendly, intuitive and secure interface, including exploiting all the features of the Intel vPro platform. “vPro technology provides enhanced hardware security, remote manageability and productivity-enhancing features. In addition to supporting vPro technology, Evo Systems has added layers of security, usability and automation to IT operational procedures.

According to Intel, Evo Systems has a scalable and mature solution integrated with vPro providing the best platform for business. “Intel data shows that companies spend up to 8 years with the same machines, which reduces the efficiency and security of corporations. With this solution together, IT managers will have much more mobility, security and productivity in their daily lives”, explains Barbara Toledo, marketing manager at Intel Brazil. “Software updates, such as system and antivirus, can be done with the machines completely turned off (not in stand-by, but really turned off, only connected to the electrical network) or at specific times, without interruptions, helping to increase productivity and computer security”, he concludes.

Evo Systems is an innovation consulting firm, specializing in the application of cutting-edge software engineering as a drive to leverage business. Among the services offered, we highlight BPM (Business Process Management) consulting, process mapping and automation, diagnostics (Assessment), development of Apps and systems, in addition to a software factory.

The Evo Systems team is made up of engineers and professionals with extensive academic background and experience in hardware and software technology and has a division specializing in personalized training, startup mentoring and acceleration programs. 

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