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Google Play has more than 3.2  millions  of apps and games published on the Android app store and that number is far from growing.

A top Android expert must master the Java language, know the Android platform well, understand the different versions, screen sizes, perform tests, publish, keep up to date and monitor the performance and development of the application.

For an application to gain consumer trust, the development team must be aware of the evolution of user needs and technological requirements, since the beginning of the  project construction, combining  the user's expectation with what Android technology  can offer


Do you want to grow with the team in a fast and structured way? Meet our working model with Android.

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Modelo de trabalho
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Another important point is the automation of tests, which facilitates the work and guarantees the operation and rule of all tests simultaneously, as new versions of the application appear.

When hiring the value of an expert Android developer, in the agile development cell of Evo Systems, you will have several professionals in a single team, such as developer, testers, project design and project architect with the ability to create, design, build and maintain an application designed to  Android with a high degree of scalability.

We are strict in testing standards for Android, because when we talk about Android development, the need for tests is even greater due to the variations of environments that the app can find, such as different versions of Android, different screen sizes, among other factors. Therefore, different techniques such as unit tests, integration tests and interface tests are constant in our learning curve. 

How we work_



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The Android specialists prepared by Evo Systems are suitable for the needs of your project, working in line with the company's internal team. We prepare the professional to carry out plans, organize tasks and generate production reports, leaving you in the role of the true Product Owner, thinking about the product, the market and the customer journey.

We frequently analyze the profile of our professionals and they are trained during the allocation, so that there is even greater efficiency and we have backup of resources, avoiding turnover impacts.


Investing in knowledge and trained professionals is always the best choice, it eliminates rework, professional abandonment, optimizes time and guarantees quality in delivery.





Trained professionals 

Periodically throughout the project, immersed in the client's business.

Eliminate the risk of 
lose good professionals

Replacement warranty for 
another trained professional.

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Online portal forproject monitoring

Weekly planning and daily meetings between the team and the client.


Our team assists and supports your decisions about technology, usability and security.

Get more than software

Processes and tools shared with the client. technology transfer

Part of the team or extra team

We work on the model as part of the client's team or as an autonomous extra specialist team.

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Why do we have and retain excellent professionals?

We are a technology company that works with different technologies, customers and market segments. Our environment is conducive to the professional growth of employees. Even in mature companies and startups that  have challenging projects, the chance of the professional wanting to seek new challenges is high after a certain period is natural, and as there are no such challenges internally, the need to look for another place of work occurs.


At Evo Systems, our team has the possibility to develop in different technologies and projects, reducing turnover and ensuring multidisciplinary teams together with professional development.

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We have always managed to add technical knowledge to the projects where we operate, whether with the presentation of new technologies from other markets, or with the technical review of development demands or even with the engineering of digital products and their architectures, as well as in the work processes and indicators of the client. We understand that discussing, making suggestions, and proposing improvements is part of a partnership process that allows us to show our excellence and motivates the client to remain a partner for longer.

We're not just arms, we're brains






"One of the main points in the decision to choose EVO was the trust in the company's work and integrity, as well as the commitment that EVO has in delivery and in the result. At the beginning of the project, EVO helped to structure the architecture and organize the documentation and initial planning, which was extremely important to gain agility in the next phases of the project. During the development, it showed a modern and fast management, which brought us flexibility to develop and improve the product."

Luis Canevari

Managing Director of Trendx





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