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Here at Evo Systems we develop native applications


Kotlin language (most current) and Java

in Swift 4



We also develop cross-platform applications


They are applications that the person does not need to install, just access the website and an icon is created automatically

Application development often requires building servers in the cloud so that data  (user information, orders made, actions taken) are stored.


It is also necessary for the application to perform  integrations with 3rd party APIs such as payments, maps, Facebook  and Correios , in addition to tools for administering the application and measuring results, such as Firebase and Google Analytics .

Another point to consider is that the design of an application is something that evolves over time. A successful application cannot be created without successive increments and improvements in functionality, performance and usability.


At this point, Evo Systems has a team of Developers and  Designers, evolutionary architecture methodologies,  in addition to partnerships with laboratories at renowned universities to create an application that supports these evolutions without having to discard all the work done.

Evo Systems has extensive knowledge for having developed applications that have more than 10,000 downloads in the application stores, in addition to having participated in the application development team of Banco Next (Banco 100% digital of Bradesco).


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