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PIWI launches healthcare plan marketplace and mira

turnover of 50 million

The new platform aims to reach around 50,000 users in three years.



The technology partnership between Evo Systems, specialized in innovation and application of cutting-edge software engineering as an impulse to leverage business, and PIWI, a digital health plan sales company, began in 2019, when Felipe Baeta created PIWI, a spin-off of the business that is  for over 30 years in the family. The executive turned the business into a digital platform to simplify the bureaucratic routine of quoting health plans, targeting sales to small groups. 


Uncomplicate the bureaucracy of quote health plans.

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PIWI's new digital platform will be a marketplace with everything people need in terms of health plans, including clearly dealing with the entire employee journey – Felipe Baeta – CEO of PIWI

At the end of 2020 with revenues of 5 million and 280 customers, from the new platform, PIWI expects to reach revenues of 50 million in three years and around 50 thousand users.

With an eye on the potential of this market, which according to data from the ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency), registers 47.1 million people with private health plans in Brazil, Felipe felt the need to digitize the entire service to offer a better experience for customers, since current sales are not consultative and for that, it relied on Evo Systems, acting not only as a consultancy, but as a technology arm of the company. “PIWI's relationship with Evo Systems goes beyond supplier and customer. With extensive experience in the health insurance market, we believe that technology generates value for customers when the journey is automated and this, we achieved with Evo Systems, acting as a remote CTO for PIWI”, highlights Baeta.


PIWI's great marketplace,  counted on Evo Systems as a technology partner, which has numerous success stories and extensive experience developing solutions for companies that are advancing towards digital transformation, and which embraced the project from the beginning, providing a team of developers, quality, testers and designers to launch a plan quoter in a business model similar to the Decolar travel platform, considering the onboarding journey, a strategy that increases the probability of a user being successful in a first contact with the product and making them see the value of the tool, through engagement accompanied by a PIWI professional. “ We applied best practices to the project, automation and testing and an exponential scalability plan, which provides for uneventful growth. The PIWI platform is practical, fast and takes care of the customer from the beginning”, explains Leonardo Dias, CEO of Evo Systems.

About Evo Systems

Evo Systems is an innovation consulting firm, specializing in the application of cutting-edge software engineering as a drive to leverage business. Among the services offered, we highlight digital transformation consulting, BPM (Business Process Management) with mapping and process automation, diagnostics (Assessment) of software production environments, development of apps and systems.


Evo Systems is formed by a multidisciplinary team composed of engineers and professionals with extensive academic background and experience in hardware and software technology. The company has a division specializing in personalized training, startup mentoring and digital product acceleration programs with disruptive ideas in systems and applications. In addition, it is also specialized in developing systems and platforms, customizing and integrating market solutions or creating entirely new applications.

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