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Evo Systems launches Go Visit to eliminate access queues at gatehouses and condominiums

The solution meets a frequent demand in the sector for more agility in customer service



The Go Visit Solution provides quick and secure access to residential and corporate condominiums. Individual gains for visitors are visible when time in reception queues is reduced or even eliminated.  

When we take the Transformation offered by the solution to business condominiums that receive hundreds of carriers daily, the time gain that prior authorization and validation of entry via digital turnstile offer both for those who transport and for those who receive are key points to validate the solution. . 


Create an application to facilitate access control in condominiums and gatehouses


Apply Evo Systems' multidisciplinary team in the development of a cloud-based IOT system that intelligently integrates software and hardware. By keeping a single technology team to create the solution, we kept track of ongoing testing and delivery times.

Go Visit in the press


The launch of the solution was widely publicized in the press, with emphasis on a special article in the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.

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Evo Systems, an innovation consulting company, launches Go Visit, an online system, designed to facilitate and eliminate queues at entrances, condominiums and environments that require control and identification of people.

The solution was originally developed to meet a demand from Wires, a company specializing in intelligent access management solutions. The Go visit is online and allows the visitor to register in the concierge system, before arriving at the destination, just by filling in some data and a selfie, facilitating access to the building, optimizing the functions of the doormen, especially at peak times. . “We combine our experience in technology with the expertise in control and monitoring solutions in condominium entrances, to develop a practical and functional solution, which easily serves visitors and residents and can also be customized for different purposes”, explains Leonardo Dominguez. Dias, managing partner of Evo Systems.

Online solution increases access agility by 50%

With Go Visit, visitors are served quickly, requiring only the verification of the document, without typing by the doorman, as the visitor's data has already been automatically synchronized with the access software installed on the concierge's computers. “The solution can be deployed alone or integrated with other access tools such as turnstiles, cameras, alarms or any existing automation or security system”, explains André Luiz Boccia, Director of Wires.

Another differential of the solution for the condominium or establishment is the feeling of accessing innovative technology, providing a positive experience for visitors.

How it works

The Resident creates a link (invitation) in the Go Visit application and sends it to his visitor, via email, SMS or WhatsApp, and the visitor accesses the link and pre-registers, entering some data and a selfie (without the need to download APP). After this step, Go Visit synchronizes the visitor's data with the concierge system over the internet. When the visitor checks in at the concierge, the resident receives a notification to authorize the release of entry with the registration previously carried out.


Resident creates and sends invitation to visitor

In the Go Visit application, the resident creates an invitation and shares the link by SMS, E-mail, Whatsapp, among others, with his visitor.

Convite criado -2.png
1- GO VISIT - Recebeu um convite.png


visitor registers

Visitor accesses the link received and registers online at the concierge, without downloading the application, filling in some data  and sending a selfie.


Ordinance receives visitor data

Go Visit automatically synchronizes visitor data with the building's concierge, over the internet.



Resident authorizes visitor entry

Ordinance notifies the resident in the Go Visit application about the arrival of the visitor, in order to release their entry.


Visitor receives QR Code or Badge

With authorized entry, the visitor receives a badge from the doorman, or prints a QR code on the access totem*, and passes through the turnstile.

*Totem are only available in some condominiums


The solution also allows the generation of reports for analysis of the concierge and the property manager can check the number of visitors, schedules, destinations, number of people in the building at that moment, among other customized data, according to each need, in addition to monitoring of the visitor's (status) with information about authorization, history and several other features.

Evo Systems is an innovation consulting firm, specializing in the application of cutting-edge software engineering as a drive to leverage business. The Evo Systems team is made up of engineers and professionals with extensive training and experience in hardware and software technology and acts as a BPM (Business Process Management) consultancy, in Process Mapping, Process Automation and Diagnostics (Assesments), app development , systems, software factory, training, startup mentoring and acceleration programs. 

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